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My name is Paul Gaertner, and I live in Crozet, Virginia, in the USA. I work as an architect in nearby Charlottesville, which is home to the University of Virginia. (Thankfully, I'm a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, College of Architecture, class of '81)

I have been building plastic scale model assembly kits of aircraft, missiles, AFVs and ships (mostly in 1/72 scale) for over 50 years. If no 1/72 scale assembly kit of a subject in which I'm interested exists, then I'll attempt to scratchbuild it. The Atomic Cannon model shown on this site was my most ambitious scratchbuilding project to date. Pat Gaertner, my first wife of 46 years, continues to patiently tolerate my relatively harmless interest in drably-painted machines that blow other things up.

If you have questions about the Atomic Cannon, or have materials to donate to this site, please contact me at:


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That's me in 2000 (you can tell by the not-as-grey hair and relatively-trim waistline) pushing over the M249 Front Truck at the AFV Museum at Aberdeen, Maryland. Picture courtesy of my able assistant-AFV-researcher and middle brother, Charles Gaertner.

Atomic Cannon