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Atomic Cannon photographs

This page contains many of the 300 plus photographs I took of the M65 Atomic Cannon on display at the Armored Fighting Vehicles Museum at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground, in Aberdeen, Maryland. The photos are arranged in groups of approximately fifty, loosely organized into the M249 Front Truck, the M250 Rear Truck, and the T72 Gun.

The M65 Motorized 280mm Gun

These pictures show the entire M65 from the left side.

The M249 Front Truck

These pictures show views of the M249 Front Truck.

The T72 Gun

These pictures show the T131 280mm Gun on the T72 Gun Carriage.

The M250 Rear Truck

These photos show the M250 Rear Truck.

M65 at Fort Sill

These splendid photos were provided by David Gaines, during a visit to Fort Sill, in January, 2013.

M65 at Baumholder Army Airfield, 1959

These photos were taken by SP4 Marvin Hornbostel, who maintained L-19 observation aircraft and H-13 light helicopters for the 8th Aviation Company, Baumholder Army Airfield. Photos courtesy of his son, Jon Hornbostel.

Atomic Cannon