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The 1/72 scale scratchbuilt model

In 2000, I started AutoCAD drawings of the M65 280mm Atomic Cannon, based on an initial batch of 250 photographs, and dozens of measurements of the unit on display at the Armored Fighting Vehicles Museum at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, Maryland. In October, 2007, I started construction of a scratchbuilt 1/72 scale model of the M65, using Evergreen brand white styrene plastic sheet, rod, bar, tube and structural shapes, as well as aluminum and brass sheet, tubing and wire. The model was completed 26 months later, in January, 2010. Although I tried to photograph the construction process thoroughly, I did not try to keep records of the time I spent building the model. My best estimate is something around 575 hours. Following is a slide show of the completed model.   (If you want to see images of the model under construction, click on the PowerPoint page.)

Atomic Cannon